Srijay Group


If you want to invest in your Ideas, it has to be SriJay Group

We investment partner who gets you and your business. My advice is pragmatic and measurable. I’ll help you make smarter financial decisions.


Powerful Hardware

SriJay Group invests in the agriculture sector. We are focused on developing agricultural products that are both profitable and sustainable.

Consumer Retail Sector

We are a group of like-minded investors who have been investing in the consumer retail sector for the last 10 years.


SriJay Group Investing is a 100% owned company. We have been investing in Construction Field for the last 10 years and are now focused on residential projects.

IT Sector

We are a group of investors in the IT sector with a focus on IT startup companies. We have successfully invested in various domains.


SriJay Group invest in MEDIA SECTOR, our company has been operating in the media industry for over decade.

Real Estate

SriJay Group Investing is a real estate company that has been investing in property for more than 10 years.

Research, Planning and Execution

We focused on making your money work for you. I’ll help you protect what you hav