Our Unbeatable Services Speak Volumes About Us.

To empower your business through investments or required funding, Sri Jay Group extends our services in the various fields for sustainable and profitable financial growth. Our services speak of what we do best

  • Consumer Retail sector

  • Hospital, Medical and Health care sector

  • Real Estate, Construction and Housing finance sector

  • IT Sector

  • Entertainment and Movie Productions sector

  • Agriculture sector

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It is a known fact that the consumer retail sector has shown its impact in an unexpected steep growth in recent decades, and undoubtedly will also continue to grow further. This is for sure the future of our country. Even with the occurrence of global financial crunches, the consumer market is the least affected area; the ups and downs in the market will just increase the rise in the demand-supply chain. So with a full-proof risk management strategy, the investor’s money would be wisely invested. As it is said, never put all the eggs in the same basket, we also diversify our investments in various consumer share markets to minimize the risk and increase the productivity to meet the short-term as well as the long-term financial goals of our clients and business partners.


Medical and Health care sector demand is always high and is always the top priority in normal as well as adverse situations including pandemic or global crisis. But not all the entities in this sector yield good returns, if wrongly judged and invested without any expert advice, one may in turn result in losing his/her hard-earned investments within a short duration of time. So our expert team analyses the required data at the national and global level and its impact in the future to invest in a strategic way by planning a high return and minimum risk to your investment.


Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. On the other hand, urbanization is rapidly increasing which has resulted in forcing people to shift from villages to cities. This high rise in-migration of people from rural to the urban area also affects the price and value of lands in the urban areas to increase. The prices of housing finance, construction, and real estate fields are growing day by day with the increase in the country’s economy with GDP. All legal precautions are taken care such as verifying the link documents of lands, government-approved land for investing our angel investors’ money so that it should turn out to be a long-lasting asset for them in the future as well as for their next generations.


The IT field has no limits of investment. It’s all about finding the right solution to the problem in society in an innovative yet simple way. The huge demand in information technology has made a sustainable sector in the market. Our expert team is well versed in the area of Information Technology and its investment strategies in order to give you low-risk and high yield investment advice. Thus our organization plays a key role to achieve your financial goal of investment in the field of information technology.


Wise investments on movie productions help to grow investors’ money in a short duration of time. This sector is having a wide scope of investment to grow your money to a large extent. The investors can invest their money starting from small production houses to a lrage movie production house. The entertainment and movie production field has proven to be a steady growth financial platform for the wise investors.


Being the backbone if Indian economy, agricultural sector promises a steady and financial growth to its investors. We also believe in updating our financial strategies with time which helps us to study and analyses the financial market on a timely basis. Our team is dedicated to making your asset stronger and powerful enough to give more than what we have promised. Trust us as we trust our team that has proven their ability of expertise in various fields of finance. In short Sri Jay Group is completely focused on bridging the connection of relationships between the people who are in need of investments with their investors.