Common Mistakes in Retirement Planning

The most common retirement planning blunder is failing to plan for retirement. According to a recent survey by one of the world’s major banks, only 2% of Americans plan and save for retirement. The majority of people who actively plan for retirement fall victim to certain mistakes that become expensive on their path.
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The Common Mistakes
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Saving very less
When you are saving, you should be cautious if you are doing it insufficiently. There are established procedures that can be used to determine the exact amount of retirement savings required. You need to consider inflation, rising health costs and much more.
Furthermore, the majority of people assume that saving 1.5 lakh in a PPF will suffice for their retirement. While PPF is one of the most popular ways to save money for the long term because the maturity amount is tax-free, relying solely on PPF or comparable products may leave you behind on your retirement capital.
Considering investments in a plot or land
We all have a thing for land investments. And if it’s a piece of property on the boundaries of a major city, we adore it even more! However, we must not confuse this with a retirement fund, as every land investment has a number of drawbacks.
It is not easy to sell and get your money out right away whenever you need money for some reason. In most circumstances, getting your money out of land investments will take more than three months, and in certain cases, even longer.
You are compelled to sell your whole land holdings, even if you do not require the entire sum. There is no simple way to sell a portion of your land holding to meet your demands.
Many of us assume it is a land holding, and that the rents are a bonus on top of the land value development. However, we are unaware that rent is taxed. To top it off, monthly house maintenance and brokerage will e added into the rental income.
FDs for savings
Because the interest income from FDs is taxed, it is the less preferred choice. This leads to extremely low effective returns on your investment, which has a negative impact on your retirement fund.
Savings in mutual funds
Mutual funds are indeed a fine option for retirement planning in general. However, they require constant monitoring and tracking of your investments, as well as an informed decision about what to observe and monitor and what action to take if things do not go as planned. As a result of the individual’s lack of action amid the unfavorable market conditions, he or she takes on more risk.
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